Mobile Farm Service – what’s that mean?

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Mobile Farm Service – what does that mean? Will you come out and feed my cows for me while I’m away? Slash my paddocks?

Mobile Farm Service (Mechanical) provides mechanical service & repairs to your equipment on-site i.e. at your property, saving you the hassle of trailering or arranging the floating of your equipment to a workshop – because the workshop comes to you!

We primarily work on ride-on lawnmowers, tractors and attachments but we can also service & repair cars, 4WD’s, trailers, trucks, light industrial equipment (Bobcats, bulldozers etc) as well as other farm equipment like cattle crushes or gates.

    We offer basic auto electrical diagnosis and repairs as well as basic hydraulic diagnosis and repairs. For anything beyond that we have several specialists we call on to care for your equipment, companies and their people we have carefully selected for their outstanding service, impeccable credentials and their willingness to go above and beyond – an attitude which is identical to ours.

We have qualified technicians whom work on your equipment, hold an MVRL in both NSW and ACT and am a member of the Institute of Automotive Engineers Australia (IAME).

Contact us with your query, we’re happy to be of assistance.