Full size Agricultural Tractor service

 These tractors range from your smaller Massey Ferguson TEA20 right up to the dual-wheel at each corner monsters that are used for harvesting crops.

Typically used on commercial farms and equipped with diesel engines (3, 4 or 6 cylinder engines) our service includes the following operations:

  • Perform all checks (on everything – look at & test everything)
  • Flush engine oil with X-1R Engine Flush (this helps break up any oil deposits and thin the oil out so it drains more easily)
  • Replace engine oil
  • Replace engine oil filter
  • Add X-1R Engine Treatment (a friction-reduction additive)
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Add X-1R Diesel Treatment (a fuel additive that helps clean fuel lines and treat the fuel for things like algae contamination)
  • Replace air filters (the air filtration arrangement is typically an outer air filter that is quite large and a smaller inner air filter)
  • Grease all points
  • Sharpen blades
  • Test operate
  • Degrease & wash

  Other more common maintenance items that are done every few years include:

  • Replace hydraulic filter & fluid – typically every 2 years.
  • Replace battery – typically every 3 -5 years. Cold weather and infrequent use will cause them to wear out quicker – regular starting and running through colder/infrequent use periods will help maintain it in good health. Checking & topping up the individual cells with deionised water to the correct level (unless it’s a maintenance-free battery) will also help maintain it in good good health and last longer.

Being diesel engines they may also require the glow plugs to be changed – typically indicated when very difficult to start.

Some models are 4WD so they have front differentials – checking the oil level in this is an extra item. 4WD is a great addition if you have steep hills on your property and/or heavy loads to tow.

Usually there are implements attached at the 3 point linkage at the rear – like a slasher – that we usually service at the same time – greasing and lubricating the various joints/moving parts and a thorough visual check followed by a solid test.

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