Scheduled Service Program


Here at Greg Lynch Mobile Farm Service we operate a scheduled service program.

Agricultural and lawn care equipment all have maintenance schedules just like your car. These are set by the manufacturer and usually have 2 main tracks – hours of operation andĀ time elapsed since last service.

Hours of operation is very much a reactive service for us – by that we mean we rely on our you the customer calling us up and saying “I need the 500 hour service on my John Deere X300 done please” for example – from there we’ll look up the schedule and perform the maintenance items listed. As we said it’s reactive and relies on you contacting us.

The other scale of time elapsed since last service is easier to keep track of. Every new piece of equipment we service is automatically added to our scheduled service program with a service reminder task programmed for 6 or 12 months (the 2 most common time periods) from the date of the last service. 6 monthly is our accelerated program for equipment that has frequent/heavy use which demands more frequent changing of oil, plugs and filters and greasing in order to maintain optimal operating condition.

When the reminder pops up we first contact you with a reminder by email including a proposed time period we can perform the service, closing with the invitation to contact us if that suits or we can arrange something else that suits better.

Once the first email is sent we scheduleĀ a reminder to call you approximately a week after we send the first email. Usually this will result in the service being booked or arrangements made to postpone it to some future date. We DO leave voicemail messages if we don’t speak to you the first time.

Our third and final step is a reminder SMS that is sent out with the relevant details, an invitation to contact us and closing with the reassurance that if you forget to contact us we’ll contact you again in the near future – we WON’T forget you.

You don’t need to participate in the service program, if you don’t wish to receive the reminders because you are managing the services yourself (either remembering when they are due OR doing the simpler maintenance tasks yourself) simply let us know and we’ll remove the reminders from the program and make a note of the date you requested it.

By running the service program we aim to help our customers in their busy lives not forget the important regular maintenance on their equipment – see our post on why regular maintenance is important here.

If you want to discuss servicing of your equipment further please contact us.