Ride-On Mower Service

What does a service on my ride-on mower include? 

For ride-on mowers with petrol engines (either single or V-twin) our service includes the following operations:

  • Perform all checks (on everything – look at & test everything)
  • Replace engine oil
  • Replace engine oil filter
  • Add X-1R Small Engine Formula (a friction-reduction additive)
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Add X-1R Fuel System Cleaner
  • Clean/Replace air filter (if only lightly dirty we will clean with compressed air)
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Grease all points
  • Sharpen blades
  • Test operate
  • Degrease & wash

Other more common maintenance items that are done every few years include:

  • Replace deck belt (transfers drive from engine to cutting deck)
  • Replace traction belt (transfers drive from engine to gearbox)
  • Replace idler pulleys (in both traction & deck belt systems – the bearings wear out and as they are integral with the pulley we replace the whole unit)
  • Replace spindle bearings (the blades are attached to the spindles – again the bearings wear out but these are able to be replaced themselves)
  • Replace blades (they can only be sharpened so many times before they are too worn down).
  • Replace battery – typically every 3 -5 years. Cold weather and infrequent use will cause them to wear out quicker – regular starting and running through colder/infrequent use periods will help maintain it in good health. Checking & topping up the individual cells with deionised water to the correct level (unless it’s a maintenance-free battery) will also help maintain it in good good health and last longer.

A common repair we also perform is where the tyre has a puncture, rather than replacing the tyre which can be very expensive we simply have a tube inserted – typically costing under $50/tube.

If you have questions about what a service covers please contact us.